Before we start storytelling our journey, let’s start by introducing ourselves.

I’ m Dominika –left-hand side of the photo–. I come from a small town in the eastern side of Poland. I started my adventure with aviation 5 years ago, when I decided to study in Deblin. I graduated from the specialization of unmanned aerial vehicles. My motto is to take each day as it comes. I like to try new things, discover new places and get to know new cultures.

My name is Magda –right-hand side of the photo–. and I live on the other side of Poland than Dominika. Just like her, I graduated from the Military Air Force University. I’ m a perfectionist, so when I’m doing something I’m pull out all the stops. My passion is traveling.

The decision about going to the Aviation Museum in Malaga was spontaneous and without thinking, when it became clear that we can go we started packing our luggage. We were so excited about what we will be doing in the next months. When we arrived to the museum, we got a question from our boss: do you want to help us? There was only one answer: of course we do. But we didn’t expect what awaits for us. On the first day, dressed up in elegant clothes, we encased the windows using slicone to prepare the room where the simulators are located. After the first day of our work we were amazed by what we will be doing tomorrow and couldn’t wait to see what would happen in the following days. The quote below perfectly describes each day we spent in the museum:

Mama always said: life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you´re gonna get

Forrest Gump

The following days were full of challenges. Here are some of them:


On the attached picture you can see the radar. Our task was to renew it and bring it to its original condition. This is one of those projects of which we are proud the most.


This picture shows a painting lesson with a spray gun. Something that we thought as a difficult activity, turned out to be a very enjoyable.


Another project was a Renault R4. Here we took care of the maintenance of the floor inside the car, cleaning the surfaces in a places where was the rust, sanding down the old paint, disassembling the elements and many other things. The project is not finished yet. We are still working on it.


Land Rover. Here, just as with the renault, we took care of a thorough renovation, i.e. the restoration to the original version. Using the blowlamp, we got rid of all stickers, sandblasted individual elements with rust and applied a product to prevent its reappearance.

We have also frequently carried out smaller projects, which were based on cleaning, sanding, drilling, cutting elements and so on.


We can say about this project that is like our child. When we first saw it, we knew that we wanted to start with it as soon as possible. This is a Dove plane, about which you can read more in other articles on the museum website. In the picture above, we are trying to get rid of a dozen different layers of paint, which have been applied to each other for years. The project needs a lot of time and money, but we hope that one day we will see it as a beautiful museum specimen admired by tourists.


Here we got the task of creating a plane model by wrapping elements from styrofoam with many pieces of paper and painting it. We have choosen project of the aircraft Mirage2000. We need to admit that the museum laboratory created for this purpose is like a relaxation room. The time we spent there was like a meditation 😊

This is not the end of our adventure with the Aviation Museum in Malaga, because we are still here, but we must say that this is one of the best internships we have ever had. Surely every project will stay in our hearts for many years. We will certainly narrate these stories to our children or grandchildren in the future.

What I can write to the next trainees or volunteers who would like to help the museum please don’t be afraid and come!

This place has shown us that women can also use a drill, screwdriver or sander and are just as good at it as men. Very often, we sang the song of the popular singer Cher «Strong enough» while doing various activities, because it gave us the power to act. However, the greatest motivation was the positive words we heard from the staff or friends of the museum like as: Muy bien!, Keep up the good work!, Perfecto! , Fantastic job! which gave us even more power. The museum in Malaga is a wonderful place with a soul and passion for aviation and more, which floats in the air at every turn.

From here we want to say thank you to the boss, his wife and all the amigos for such a warm welcome and openness towards us! Thank you and we hope that you too will remember us well!


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